Grandma’s Garden

Nanny as we called her was a very grand woman. She never lost her English upbringing over the years. We sometimes referred to her as the Queen, because she had this way about her. But at the same time if you were to pull out a bottle of screech and the squeeze box, she would be the first on the floor to do a jig.

Screech; is a type of rum
Squeeze Box; is a small accordion
Jig; is a dance that’s bound to happen with the combination of the first two items

Nanny’s pride and joys was her English Garden, and we kids were not allowed to go in there. It was only on very rear occasions that anyone, got into her garden. But I was given the chance to wander in their once and only once, and it was a dream land to me. The little path that weaved through the garden was like a snake going first one direction and then off into another. You didn’t think at all about direction when you were in there, because your eyes were too busy looking up down, and around plants. The outside world was blocked from your view and the scents were amazing. It was as if you entered into a different world. Looking from the outside you had no idea what was truly inside the bushes. I was sure I had entered into magical fairy land, and to this day I still remember the special feelings that came upon me that day in Nanny’s secret garden.